Avon’s Not Just Make Up!

Avon’s not just makeup any more! Of course they do have all your favorite makeup essentials; however, they’ve recently developed a popular new spa line that’s quite luxe. Avon and Mark (part of Avon) clothing and footwear is stellar, I wear a lot of their fashions. My favorite of all Avon endeavors is the home decor and housewares line – it’s delicious and I hear they’ll be publishing a home decorating magazine soon. I’m quite excited to see how that turns out!

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A Tiny Life For Me?

A Tiny Life For Me?

I was just checking out this gorgeous Country Living gallery: Tiny Houses and I love this tiny home! It’s only 196 sq.ft., but it’s super stylish, eco-friendly (she used the bed of a flat deck truck as the base, as well as reclaimed wood for panelling), the space is so efficient, and it only cost her $11,000 to build!! Some people have used shipping containers as the base of their “micro-home” then finished the inside like any other home (walls, gyprock, etc) and the outside with their choice of siding, much like this owner did. I’ve often thought of doing that. I have to say, I like the little deck this one has. I’d definitely double screen it, though – it rains too much here 😉

The Past

The Past came back to haunt me today. It was a moment I had been dreading for years, very honestly. I’m thankful for the changes I’ve made to my life. Without them I never would’ve been able to handle today’s encounter.